1. smoothiebowl (0.5 banana, 1 date, romana salad leaves), 0.5. banana, 0.5 small peach,

      1.5 slices of the buckwheat loaf, 1 Tbsp. PB, tea

    2. 1 apple, 10g dark chocolate

    3. 2 large servings of apple crumble (recipe: delicioslyella), 1 cup soy yoghurt

    4. another large serving crumble, 1 Tbsp white chocolate PB
      a small glass of green smoothie

    5. 1 dumpling, 1 veggie sausage, red cabbage, broccoli

    6. 1 McVitie


      Mom got me red wine that I didn’t like. Dont know why she did it, I never drink… Oh well, my brother just saved my day. I’m so thankful for him!